T417 Butt-End (Anti-seismic+fireproof)
T417 Butt-End (Anti-seismic+fireproof)
  1. Fireproof and anti-seismic T-BAR with straight anti-seismic connectors and fire rated holes.
  2. The connectors joint firmly that prevent the gird from loosening by force.
  3. Bearing capacity >= 80KGF (180lb), reaches the standard of ASTM E580 and the regulation of aseismatic design of ROC.
  4. Integrally formed, that you do not need any tool to disassemble.
  5. with denticulated fire rated holes on the connector of both ends in each Mainrunner or Cross Tees in case the grids expand in high temperature under fire accident
  6. Heavy duty up to 23.8kg/m. Comply with ASTMC635 regulation. 

T417 Butt-End (Anti-seismic+fireproof)

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