High quality building materials with strict test process and inspection standards superior to the existing regulations

CKM with a long-term collaborative relationship with Department of Architecture, NCKU and School of Material Science and Engineering, University of Science and Technology Beijing.

CKM's professional R&D and Design teams aim for product development according to the national and international regulations and market trends,.as well as material quality controls for our customers with strict testing procedures and inspection standards that are superior to the existing regulations.


With R&D and applications of environmentally friendly building materials to mitigate climate changes.

Researches and Innovations on manufacturing processes for upgrading quality and product passing rates.

R&D on forming technology for upgrading product precisions and workmanship quality.

R&D on market-oriented products for expanding the scope of building applications.

R&D and experiments on product performace for pursuing the optimal combinations.


Featured with equipment design and improvement capacities based on rich manufacturing experiences.

Product design capacity in compliance with the national and international regulations.

Design capacity for realizing spatial aesthetics with modular building materials.

Enhancement of design productivity with CAD and CAE technologies.

Design capacity for noise source improvement and factory noise control with environmentally friendly building materials.