Upon a long-term local cultivation and technological advancement, we are honored to provide our customers with high quality solutions and services verified by the national patents and certifications.


2009 Green Building material
Issued by: Architecture and Building Research Institute, Ministry of the Interior
The so-called Green Building Materials are referred to the materials causing the least burdens to the Earth during the processes of material acquiring, production and later applications; whereas high efficiency green building materials are especially referred to those that are with high effects of noise controls and water preservations suprior to the traditional materials. Since Green Building Material Labels are meant to certify the materials with high noise proof and water penetartions; hence the special specifications and regulations on intensities and functional features. In addition to the application values,good performances in constructions and later applications should also meet the high standards of the daily requirements for easy maintenance and replacement

2006 CE
Issued by: EU
CE stands for the initials of the Frech phrase of Communate Europpene”, meaning the European Union. Any commodities labeled with CE should be qualified to be distributed in every nation of EU in compliance with its regualtions correspondingly. CE Label is a compulsory certification lable to specify that the commodity meets the basic requirements of "a new approach to technical harmonization and standards" and is allowed for free distributions in the EU market; which is an essential and compulsory requirement according to the EU laws.

2002 ISO9001
Issued by: SGS
It is to be certified with the controlling capacity on enterprise design and quality production process.

2000 The Rising Star
Issued by: Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Awarded with the 3rd anniversary award of The Rising Star Award for its outstanding export performances as well as healthy business operations with development potentials as the role model for the domestic small amd medium enterprises.


Patents for Utility Model: 11
Patents for Invention: 11
Application Country
Taiwan: 11
Mainland China: 4
Korea: 1
Singapore: 1
Canada: 1
Autralia: 2
South Africa: 1
PCT: 1